The Morning Blotter: Bike Thieves Attack Man In Lake City

A pack of bike thieves attacked a man after he caught them stealing his ride in Lake City last week.

At about 4:30pm on January 17th, the man saw three young men across the street, making off with his bicycle, which he’d left locked up on the street at NE 30th and 125th NE.

The man yelled at the three young bike thieves, who then approached the victim.

The man wrestled his bike away from the three suspects, who walked off.

A few moments later, the three suspects came back, exchanged words with the man, and attacked him.

One of the suspects punched the victim in the face, breaking his nose, and leaving him swelling on his face, and a bloody ear.

A bystander broke up the fight and chased the suspects down the street.

The victim rode his bike home, and had has mother drive him to a shopping complex, where he contacted police.

Police didn’t make any arrests, but a report indicates they were going to try to check footage from a security camera near the scene to identify the suspects.