Wanna See A Seattle Cop Wearing A Toga Riding A Scooter?

Meet former SPD Lieutenant and current Traffic Section director William Edwards.

Bill likes taking long motorized scooter rides, wearing togas, and showing off his right nipple.

This video, obtained by Seattlecrime.com, was apparently shot in 2009 before the Seafair hydroplane races. Edwards arrives on an SPD Chariot, driven by one of his parking enforcement officers, and gives his officers a bizarre speech during roll call.

Lt. Edwards—now technically retired from the department, although he is still collects a paycheck as the civilian director of the parking enforcement unit—apparently invited media to the event, despite warnings from the department that doing so was a bad idea.

We’re not sure of the source of this video, but it appears it was shot by another police department employee.

Edwards could not be reached to explain why he was wearing a toga during roll call but, according to SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb, “you could best characterize it as a moment of levity during a closed roll call.”

“This was not intended for the general public,” Whitcomb says, adding that Edwards was “on his own time,” and had not yet started his shift when the video was filmed.