The Morning Blotter: Taggers Attack Woman On Denny

Two taggers attacked a woman in the Denny Triangle neighborhood earlier this week after the woman tried to snap a photo of the two suspects.

Around 3:30pm on January 25th, the woman spotted the suspects tagging a building at Denny and Fairview.

A police report says the woman took out her cellphone and took a picture of the two taggers.

The taggers then walked over to the woman, and one of the suspects grabbed her wrist, twisted her arm back, elbowed the woman in the chin, and shoved her to the ground.

The suspects then took the woman’s cellphone, and fled down the hill towards Whole Foods.

Police searched the area, but couldn’t find the suspects or the woman’s cellphone. The woman told officers her wrist and shoulder were sore after the incident, and would see a doctor.

Police also took photographs of the tags, which aren’t listed in the report.

We keep hearing that SPD’s looking at assigning a detective to investigate graffiti and tagging full-time. We’ll report back if we hear of any developments.