Woman Jumped, Robbed On the Ave

When police pulled up to the corner of 50th and University just before 10:00pm on January 28th, officers found a woman down on the ground, crying.

The woman told officers an Asian woman in her 20s had beaten her up, taken her backpack, and fled south on the Ave.

The victim told police the female suspect was with a group of three or four men at 47th and University, where the suspects offered to sell the victim some pot.

When the victim told the suspects to “leave her alone and get lost,” the group of men started encouraging the female suspect to “beat her ass”

The group of suspects followed the woman up the Ave, before the female suspect jumped the victim, kicking and punching her.

At the scene, the victim pointed out a female friend of the suspect to police. The woman told officers she “didn’t want to get involved,” but claimed the victim had spit on the suspect, which led to the fight.

However, the woman couldn’t explain why the suspect had stolen the victim’s backpack.