The Morning Blotter: Man Says Teens Shot At Him At Greenwood Park

Police set up a perimeter around Sandel Park and called in a K9 unit Tuesday night after a man reported two teens opened fire on him as he was out walking his dog.

The man told police he was walking his dog near the park at about 7:30 p.m. when he heard gunshots and saw two teens walking out of the park.

The man told police both of the teens fired six shots at a wooden fence on 2nd and NW 90th.

The man shouted “what the hell are you guys doing” at the teens, who started “giggling,” a police report says.

One of the teens then fired three shots at the man.

The man “hit the ground,” the report says, and ran to a nearby home where he called 911.

Police called out a K9 unit, but weren’t able to find the suspects, any damaged property, or shell casings.