The Weekend Blotter

We’ve got a wide variety of police business to catch you up on:

Stalker arrested, sent to mental health court:

On Friday January 28th, East Precinct personnel were notified about a potential stalking incident of a female employee outside of a First Hill medical clinic.  A male friend of the employee called the precinct to see what could be done.  The female had been reportedly followed and harassed several times by a person whom she perceived as a mentally ill transient male.  She was afraid to go to and from the clinic to her bus stop.

East Precinct Community Police Team (CPT) and patrol officers worked together to identify the subject.  After believing they knew who the subject might be, they placed his photo into a montage for the victim to review.  The victim identified a person known to officers to exhibit the described behavior and who typically loitered in the general area where the victim walked.

Officers contacted a detective assigned to the Crisis Intervention Team in order to alert him that they might have a candidate for Mental Health Court should the subject be located.

On January 31st, the subject was located in the area the victim described, was placed into custody for harassment and booked into King County Jail with a flag for Mental Health Court.  The investigating officers were also able to clear two additional and similar cases.
The end result is the victim feels safe, she knows how to obtain a restraining order and the subject arrested will obtain the necessary mental health support with the appropriate oversight by a case manager and the Mental Health Court.

Police arrest man in child rape case:

On January 31st, detectives from the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit began an online undercover operation targeting the sexual exploitation of children.  A detective responded to an online posting in which the suspect had expressed interest in engaging in a sexual relationship with a child.  In his undercover capacity, the detective responded to the advertisment.  The individual responded back to the detective’s inquiry, which began a conversation stream that included email exchanges and eventually a face to face meeting.  During these conversations, the suspect learned that the detective (still undercover) had a “13 year old child.”  The suspect stated that he wanted to meet and have sex with this “child.” 

On February 3rd, 2011, the 29-year-old suspect showed up at the predetermined location in anticipation of engaging in sex with the 13 year old “girl.”  He was promptly arrested by detectives.  The suspect admitted to detectives that he came to the location with the express intent of having sex with the child.  He was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Attempted Rape of a Child.  ICAC detectives will continue to do the follow up investigation.

Home invasion on lower Queen Anne:

On February 4th, at approximately 9:00 PM, the victim and her friend were inside her apartment in the 500 Block of 1st Avenue North  when they heard what they described as a “friendly knock” at the door.  The victim opened the door and saw a heavy set white female standing there.  Suddenly, a large Samoan male pushed the female out of the way, shoved a gun in the victim’s face, then he and the female forced their way into the apartment. Once inside, the suspects began rummaging through the victim’s things in search for items of value.  The suspects took several electronic items.  As the suspects were leaving the building, a witness who apparently recognized at least one of the suspects as a suspect from another robbery that had previously occurred in the building, called 911 to report it.  The witness also observed the suspects get into a car and drive away.  They were last seen heading east on Mercer Street.  Officers conducted an area search for the suspect vehicle but did not locate it. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident.  The Robbery Unit was notified and responded to process the scene.

Man stabs robber, gets shot:

On February 4th, at approximately 11:30 PM, Robbery Unit detectives responded to Harborview Medical Center to interview a robbery victim who had been admitted with a gunshot wound.  Apparently, the 30 year old victim was unloading groceries from the back of his car in the 100 Block of Yale Avenue North when he was approached by a known male armed with a handgun.  The suspect demanded money from the victim.  The victim stated that he was able to grab a knife from his car and stab the suspect in the chest.  The suspect then fired one shot through the back passenger window of the victim’s car, striking the victim in the buttocks. The suspect fled the scene on foot.  The victim then drove himself to the hospital, where Robbery Unit detectives responded to interview the victim.  The victim stated that he was unsure if he inflicted any injury on the suspect.  West Precinct officers responded to the location in an attempt to locate the suspect, but did not find him.  Robbery detectives continue to investigate this incident.

Burglar arrested in South Seattle:

On February 5th, at approximately 11:48 PM, a woman called 911 to report that an unknown, very large male had just entered her residence in the 2800 Block of 19th Avenue South. The victim was terrified and hid on the main floor with her children.  Officers arrived and cleared the residence and then began to search for the suspect.  The suspect was located on the porch of another residence in the 2800 Block of 19th Avenue South.  When officers attempted to contact him, he fled into that residence.  The house was surrounded as officers contacted the residents.  The residents were very intoxicated and hostile, denying that the suspect had entered the house.  Officers were able to enter the house and located the suspect hiding in a closet.  The suspect was taken into custody after a struggle with the officers.  In addition, two of the residents were arrested; one for assaulting an officer and the other for obstructing.  The victim positively identified the suspect as the one who had entered her home.  One officer was treated at Harborview Medical Center for his injuries.  The 25 year suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary, and the 25 year old male  and 26 year old female were booked for assault and obstructing.