Anarchists Protest Outside Jail After One of Their Own Arrested In Burglary Investigation

Did you hear the sounds of pots and pans being abused outside the King County Jail Sunday night?

According to, the ruckus was caused by a hastily assembled anarcho-minimalist band, which got together in front of KCJ Sunday to jam protest the arrest of several of their friends, who were booked for allegedly interfering in an SPD burglary investigation:

On Sunday night at 10pm around 40 people [ed. note: a Seattlecrime tipster says it was more like 10] met in front of the downtown Seattle jail on 5th avenue. They proceeded to make noise with bells, pots, horns, yelling, screaming, howling, chanting, and the like. People yelled such things as “Hate, hate, hate, the hate inside of me. All cops are bastards, A-C-A-B!” and “cops, pigs, murderers!” A surveillance camera was taken down, a grate from the guards parking lot was ripped down, and a trashcan was thrown at a cop. A lot of noise was made for 40 minutes. People locked in jail were banging on the windows of several stories and could be visibly seen from across the street.

A now-deleted post on the site claims police stopped by the house while looking for a burglar and questioned several people standing on the porch. The officer left, according to the post, and later returned with several other officers who “forcibly entered” the home.

Further details about the anarchists’ version of events weren’t available on, which (surprise!) doesn’t appear to list any contact information for site anarchoministrators.

According to SPD, officers entered the house while looking for a man suspected of breaking into a home several blocks away.

Police say they found their suspect standing on the porch of a nearby home, but he fled inside before they could talk to him.

According to SPD, when officers surrounded the home, several “intoxicated and hostile” people inside denied the suspect had entered the house.

Police arrested a man found hiding in a closet. They also booked a 25-year-old man for assaulting an officer, and a 26-year-old woman for obstruction.

The 25-year-old man and 26-year-old woman were released Tuesday. King County prosecutors declined to file charges against them, although the cases may be referred over to Seattle Municipal Court.

Thanks to 82 and LH for the tips.