Man Attacked With Body Spray In Greenwood

A woman armed only with a can of body spray accosted a man in Greenwood last week, according to a police report.

The man told police the incident happened around noon February 3rd near 90th and Greenwood Ave.

The man told police he was crossing Greenwood, on his way to a bus stop, when a woman walked up to him and sprayed him in the face with an unidentified liquid.

The man told officers he believed the woman had sprayed him with body spray.

The man didn’t get a good look at the suspect, as he was preoccupied with getting the spray out of his eyes.

The man said the spray left on his face began to burn several minutes later, and he washed it off with water.

The man didn’t contact police about the incident until later in the day, so it appears police didn’t do a search for the woman.