The Morning Blotter: Woman Fights Off Armed Robber On Beacon Hill

A woman fought off a robber armed with a handgun on Beacon Hill last week, but sustained a nasty head wound in the process.

Police responded to a store in the 2400 block of Beacon Ave S at about 5:00 p.m. on February 3rd, where they found the victim in the store’s bathroom, washing blood off her face.

The report says the woman “had a large amount of blood on the front of her shirt…coming from a cut on the top of her head.”

The woman told officers she was waiting for the #36 bus on Beaon Ave when a man approached her and asked if she had a light.

As the woman pulled out her lighter, the suspect pulled the hood of the woman’s sweatshirt down over her face.

The woman wrestled with the man, and got her head up just in time to see him pistol-whip her in the face with a revolver.

Undeterred by the brutal attack, the woman grabbed the man’s gun.

During the struggle, the cylinder of the revolver opened, spilling out several bullets.

While the woman fought hard, the suspect was still able to make off with two of her diamond rings, and may have returned to the scene after she had fled to take the woman’s cellphone and glasses, which she had dropped during the struggle.

The report for the incident mentions the officer who responded to the scene may have seen the suspect on the street. However, the officer’s in-car camera apparently didn’t capture any footage of the suspect.