The 2010 DUI Wrap-Up (Updated)

UPDATE: The Washington State Liquor Control Board provided us with incorrect DUI data. We’ve updated the numbers below. Some bars had more, some had less. And a few bars managed to narrowly slip off the list. Here’s the now-correct info from the WSCLB.

Did you know the Washington State Liquor Control Board keeps an unofficial record of how many DUIs are (allegedly) associated with every bar in the state?

It’s true!

We asked the WSLCB for these records last week so we could see which Seattle bar has the alleged high score. But, before we get in to the numbers, here’s a little disclaimer from the WSLCB:

The DUI tracking inquiry statistical data is based on DUI arrest reports. The last drink location is subjective in nature — due to the person’s ability, or lack of ability, to recall information or fact – and should be used with caution to indicate trends over time. 

The information comes to WSLCB via the Washington State Patrol (WSP). The WSP collects its own DUI information as well as receives reports from local law enforcement. When stopped for DUI, the suspect is asked the last place they drank. Their response is completely voluntary.

Some important points:

·         This is just one tool that WSLCB enforcement officers use to enforce Washington’s liquor laws.

·         This information is hearsay and would not be admissible in court.

·         Some local law enforcement agencies report this information more consistently than others.   

OK, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the 2010 Top 15* DUI list for Seattle:

Noc Noc (Downtown)-8

Essence (formerly Tia Lou’s, Belltown)-9

Belltown Billiards (Belltown)-9

Joey’s (South Lake Union)-10

Nectar (Fremont)-11

Peso’s (Queen Anne)-11

Amber (Belltown)-11

See Sound Lounge (Belltown)-11

Last Supper Club (Pioneer Square)-12

Trinity (Pioneer Square)-13

Showbox SoDo-15

Venom (Belltown)-16

Qwest Field (SoDo)-17


And in first place?

Earls on the Ave

With a whopping 20.

Is it fair to extrapolate anything from this list? Maybe not. That’s why the WSLCB doesn’t use these numbers in an official capacity.

But we finally have conclusive proof that while you don’t need to be drunk to watch the Mariners, it certainly helps.

*Why 15? Because that’s how many Seattle bars had 8 or more associated DUIs, according to WSLCB records.