The Crimefighting Power of Laughter

Imagine that you’re desperate enough to rob a bank.

Now, imagine that you finally gather the chutzpah to actually pull off a heist.

And now imagine how you’d feel if the bank teller just laughed in your face before you left in a huff.

That’s what happened to one would-be robber after he walked into a bank on February 8th.

Police say around 9:40 am, the suspect walked into a bank at 4th and Pike, and told an employee “i’m going to rob this place.”

The suspect then approached a teller and demanded money.

The teller “didn’t take him seriously” and “kind of laughed,” according to a police report, before the suspect turned around and left the bank. He apparently looked “disgusted” as he walked out the door.

The bank employees apparently thought so little of the man’s robbery attempt, that they didn’t even bother to call police after the incident.

However, an hour later, they talked to bank security staff, who advised them to call SPD.

Police pulled an image of the suspect off the bank’s security cameras and put out a bulletin with the suspect’s picture to officers.