The Morning Blotter: Would-Be Robber Foiled By Tenacious Victim, Tree

A would-be robber’s attempt to steal another man’s iPod on a Metro bus was foiled by some foliage (and a very tenacious victim) last week, according to a police report.

The victim was sitting near the back door on a Metro bus just before 1:00pm on February 10th when the bus stopped at 23rd and Jefferson.

A ponytailed man ran by the victim, grabbed his iPod, and tried to jump off the bus.

The victim held on to his mp3 player and followed the suspect off the bus, falling on top of the suspect.

According to the report, “the suspect hit his head on a tree and let go of the iPod.”

The victim then jumped back on the bus, which drove off.

The victim apparently saw the suspect standing on the street with two men, who were all yelling at each other.

The victim told police he believes the suspects are all students at a school in the area.