Knife-Wielding Man Attacks BMXer In Lake City

A man armed with a knife attacked and threatened to kill another man who was on a late-night BMX bike ride in Lake City last weekend, according to police.

The victim was riding his BMX bike along Lake City Way near 137th at 12:30 am on February 13th when a man approached him, pulled out a 3 1/2 inch knife, and said “I’m going to fucking kill you!”

The victim fled from the suspect, and rode his bike to a nearby gas station, where he started doing tricks on his bike.

The suspect again approached the victim at the gas station and took a swing at him, the report says.

The suspect knocked the victim to the ground, but the victim was able to get a bystander to call 911.

Police arrived on scene and detained the suspect.

Officers searched the suspect, were unable to find the knife in his pockets or on the ground near the scene.

Police then arrested the suspect for assault and harassment.

As police drove the suspect to the King County Jail, “he decided to start spitting blood all over [an officer’s] back seat,” a police report says.