How’d The City’s Chronic Nuisance Properties Ordinance Fare Last Year?

Okay-ish, according to the

In 2010, Police Chief John Diaz declared two properties as nuisances — the Fremont Inn the 4300 block of Aurora Avenue North and an apartment building in the 2300 block of Fourth Avenue in Belltown.

The motel, one of many known for prostitution and drugs along the Aurora Avenue North corridor, was foreclosed on and sold shortly after the declaration. The new owners have closed the motel, boarded the windows and fenced off the property. That rendered a corrective action as no longer necessary, according to the report.

“The declaration of a Chronic Nuisance Property likely hastened the result in this matter,” according the report presented Wednesday.

The second property, a 36-unit apartment building, has experienced an 82 percent drop in 9-1-1 calls since the owner was served with a declaration and began meeting with police, according to the report. Police had documented 21 nuisances within 10 months prior, including robbery, assault, harassment and drug activity. Police have been meeting with the apartment owner since October.

One main problem was tenants often would sell their keys to other people, who would use the building to sell drugs or engage in prostitution. Also, the building’s front and back doors had been destroyed. In January, the owner installed metal doors that require keycard access. The keycards can be deactivated if they’re given to unauthorized people.