The Morning Blotter: Cabbie Attacks Woman, Steals Her Beer When She Can’t Pay Fare

Earlier this week, we told you a cab driver allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in a Seattle U parking garage. Today, we’ve got details of another strange cab assault in the Central District.

Now, let me preface this by saying you should never get in a cab if you can’t pay the fare. And now, onto the craziness:

Around 10:00am on February 13th, a woman hopped in a Yellow Cab in Georgetown and headed to the Central District, a police report says.

When the cab stopped to drop the woman off at 23rd and Madison, she realized she had lost her wallet and told the cab driver she couldn’t pay the fare.

The woman told police the cab driver about her predicament, and he apparently (and understandably) got angry.

The woman told police the cab driver’s actions frightened her, ad she tried to get out of the back seat of the cab.

The driver then reached in the back seat and grabbed at a growler of beer the woman was carrying.

The woman struggled with the driver, who wrestled the growler away from her.

The woman then tried to get out of the cab, but the driver grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back into the vehicle, the report says.

A bystander apparently saw the fracas and paid the woman’s fare.

The cab driver then drove off, but took the victim’s growler of beer with him.

The woman called the cab company and reported the incident, and then called police.

The woman provided officers with a possible cab number, but it appears police did not contact the driver following the incident.