The Morning Blotter: Vandalism, Fire Escapes, Burglary, And Puking

What’s the best way to top off a night of vandalism? By puking in a cop car, of course!

Around 1:00am on February 15th, police received reports that a white male in his 20s—who “appeared intoxicated” and was wearing a blue hoody, according to a police report—was damaging several parked cars on NE 47th and 16th NE.

The report says the suspect kicked the side mirror off one car, and broke the windshield wiper off another vehicle and used it to break the vehicle’s windshield.

He also ripped the convertible top off one of the cars, and rummaged through the vehicle.

After he was done trashing the two cars, the suspect then walked to a nearby fire escape, climbed it, and began battering an apartment door with a metal chair.

A man and woman inside the apartment confronted the suspect, who then left.

Police arrived on scene, and spotted the suspect walking south between 47th and 45th NE.

When officers tried to stop the man, he took off running.

The suspect ran down an alley to get away from officers, but police were able to catch up to the man, tackle him to the ground, and arrest him.

As officers transported the man to the North Precinct, the report says he “became sick,” and had to be taken out of the patrol car to vomit.

After the man finished puking, he unsuccessfully tried to run from police while handcuffed.

Officers took the man to the precinct, had medics check him out, and later booked him into the King County Jail for malicious mischief.