The Morning Blotter: Park Security Guard Attacked With Laser

Last weekend, a security guard at the Olympic Sculpture Park called police after he was attacked with a laser while making his rounds in the park.

Around 3:35am on February 19th, the guard was walking near Elliot Ave and Broad St. when he “saw a green dot around and on him,” according to a report.

The man looked down Elliot Avenue, trying to find the source of the beam, and “was immediately struck in the eyes with the laser light.”

The guard “immediately felt a sense of heat and a burning sensation in his eyes” and, after his vision cleared, spotted a man leaning out the passenger side of a black BMW—occupied by at least two other people—”holding a green laser.”

The suspect then flashed the laser in the guard’s eyes again, “causing him temporary blindness,” thereport says.

The suspects then drove off.

An hour and a half later, police met with the security guard, who still had “red and irritated” eyes, apparently from the lasering.

The security guard told officers he wasn’t able to make out the license plate on the car, but a witness followed the BMW, got the plate number, and later returned and gave the information to the guard.

The guard provided police with the suspect’s vehicle information.