The (Late) Morning Blotter: Protesters Attacked Undercover Cops At Last Week’s March

Sorry, folks. This was supposed to be up earlier, but it looks like I messed something up.

An undercover Port of Seattle police officer was injured during last week’s anti-police protest in downtown Seattle after a group of protesters figured out he was a cop.

The officer was in plainclothes during a February 18th march in downtown Seattle. A police report says there were about 200 people at the event, “the majority of whom were dressed from head to toe in all black clothing with faces covered and identifying themselves as Anarchists.”

Around 7:30pm, the report says the crowd of Anarchists stopped at 3rd and Union, and began throwing items at police.

A man in a long yellow scarf threw several items—”possibly rolls of quarters, the report says—at officers, the report says. (Police also say a man in a yellow scarf threw rocks at police during a protest march several days earlier.)

The protesters apparently noticed the undercover officer in the crowd—he was wearing a radio earpiece, the report says—and attacked him.

The protesters pulled out the officer’s radio earpiece, and hit him in the back of the head with a wooden dowel.

The saw a man dressed head to toe in black, holding the wooden dowel, but the man quickly disappeared into the crowd of similarly dressed protesters.

The officer sustained an injury to the back of his head, according to the report.