Why Don’t Seattle Cops Live In Seattle?

Seattle cops keep sending in letters explaining why they do/don’t live in Seattle, so we’re gonna keep running ’em.

Here’s another one:

I have been an officer with SPD for several years now and my reason for not living in the city I work in has a lot to do with the hazards that are inherent to the job we perform.

We deal with the citizens of the city as well as visitors. The majority of our contacts are with city citizens, most of which are honest upstanding citizens who are having some sort of bad day.

That being said, we also deal with the citizens that are violent criminals/ gang members/ don’t like police in general/ believe that in doing our job we have wronged them/ mentally unstable/ the list goes on.

Now here’s the problem, when I’m not on duty in uniform I like to be able to relax a bit and be relatively secure in my anonymity. It makes it a bit more difficult to do that when I am worrying about running into that guy I arrested last week for felony assault when I’m at a resturant or the grocery store with my wife and kid.

Worse yet, having someone I dealt with a year or two ago who I don’t even remember recognise me and decide to exact his/her revenge upon me. It goes along with me personally being ok with not having a take-home patrol car. I like that people look at me and think “he looks like a computer programer” when I’m off duty. It affords me and my family some measure of privacy.