Is That A Sausage In Your Sock Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

A woman threatened to pepper spray two employees at a downtown store last week after they caught her stealing sausage other food products, according to a police report.

Two employees at a shop on 3rd and Virginia saw the suspect trying to “conceal a ‘Lunchable’ inside her shirt” around 1:15pm on February 27th, and confronted the woman.

The suspect returned the Lunchable to the shelf, and tried to leave the store.

It was then that employees noticed “she had several other items concealed in her socks. [T]hey appeared to be either sausage products or steaks.”

The employees tried to talk the woman into returning the sausage, but she fled on foot down Lenora Street.

One employee followed the suspect outside the store, but let her go when the suspect threatened to pepper spray him.