Naked Man “Hopped Up On Goofballs” Growls At Officers, Gets Tased

Last night, Seattle police were called to a home on 20th Ave NE and NE 105th shortly before 11:00pm after receiving a report of “a white naked man was on his front porch, growling like a dog.”

Police contacted the man, who was “completely naked and was running around the yard while screaming that everyone was going to die,” according to a police report.

One officer we spoke with about the incident described the suspect as being “hopped up on goofballs.”

The man ran fled from officers inside an entryway in his home and started punching out glass windows. He then turned and ran toward officers.

Officers then Tased the man and handcuffed him

While he was on the ground, the man yelled at officers, telling them “he was the devil and everyone was going to die.” The man then demanded that officers “give me a piece of glass so I can cut off my dick.”

He then yelled that he had “just smoked some PCP and he fucking loves it.”

At the scene, a witness told police the man just been released from jail for resisting arrest. The witness also told officers the man had taken shrooms and ecstasy, along with PCP.

Officers transported the suspect to Harborview, and are requesting charges for property destruction.


Thanks to Silver for the tip.