The Morning Blotter: Man Stabbed During Dispute In South Seattle

One man was hospitalized last week after a man armed with a knife stabbed him as he was taking items out of his vehicle on a South Seattle street.

Around 6:30 pm on February 26th, the victim was getting a suitcase out of the trunk of his car, parked on Martin Luther King Jr Way S and S Hanford, when the suspect walked up to him and stabbed him in the shoulder, according to a police report.

The victim got a crowbar out of his trunk to defend himself, and the two men got into a fight.

A neighbor called police, and officers arrived at the scene and found the victim bleeding “extensively” from his face and shoulder, according to the report.

Officers found a broken four-inch kitchen knife at the scene, and took the suspect into custody.

Medics transported the victim to Harborview.

When police interviewed the suspect, he apparently told officers he had attacked the victim after the man shouted at him on the street.

The report says the suspect has been involved in another “similar incident,” but doesn’t provide details.

It’s not clear what led up to this recent stabbing.

We’ll see if we can find out more later today.