The Morning Blotter: Police Seize Pot Robbers Missed In Home Invasion

A group of armed men burst into a South Seattle home last week looking for a big stash of weed, but only made off with a few laptops. Strangely enough, when police showed up to the home, one of the residents was all too happy to show the pot to the cops, who promptly confiscated it.

According to a police report, around 8:00pm on March 4th, a man was downstairs in his home in the 5100 block of S Cloverdale, when his sister came in and said a suspicious person was hanging around the front door of the house.

The man went to the door and talked to the suspicious man, who asked if someone who did not live at the home was inside.

As the victim was explaining to the man that he had the wrong house, two other suspects walked up to the house and forced their way in, breaking the safety chain on the front door.

The victim fought with one of the suspects, but one of the three men pulled out a silver handgun and tod the victim and several other residents of the home—including several young children—to lay down on the floor.

One resident was able to run downstairs and call 911.

The suspects were clearly looking for something in the home, and spent five minutes rummaging through several rooms, before they fled with two laptop computers.

When police arrived at the home, another male resident told officers he believed he “sort of” knew the suspects, and told officers they had called him several times earlier that day and asked to buy some marijuana.

Police asked the man if he had any pot in the house, and told police he had a pound of marijuana, which he showed to officers.

Police seized the pot, but did not arrest anyone.