The Morning Blotter: Man Receives “Terrible Beating” At Golden Gardens Park

Earlier this week, a man contacted police and said he’d been brutally assaulted by a large group of suspects after a late-night bonfire in Golden Gardens Park in Ballard.

The man contacted officers on March 7th to report the incident. When he met with police, he still had very obvious injuries, according to a police report.

“I could see that [the victim] had been the recipient of a terrible beating, as the right side of his face was extremely swollen, and he walked with a limp,” Officer Simon Edison wrote in his report.

The man told police he’d been attacked two days earlier—on March 5th—but waited to report the incident because “he was concerned that if he made a police report, certain people would be angered and would retaliate.”

The man told police he was leaving a bonfire at Golden Gardens with two friends around 11:00pm, when a group of 8-10 men surrounded him.

One of the men in the group, who was holding a black handgun, told the victim “I hear you’ve been talking shit.”, and pistol-whipped the victim at least three times, knocking him to the ground.

The group of suspects then jumped on the victim, punching and kicking him as he lay on the ground until he was unconscious.

When he came to, he noticed his iPod, iPhone, and wallet were missing.

The victim called his father, who took him to the University of Washington Hospital.

The victim later told police he did not know his assailants, but thought the assault might have been spurred by “rumors” that he had called an acquaintance “soft and weak.”