The Morning Blotter: Student Robbed In Roosevelt Neighborhood

A young man called police last week after he was robbed by a classmate at a gas station parking lot in the Roosevelt Neighborhood.

The victim told officers he was walking through the Shell gas station lot near 65th NE and Weedin Pl around 11:00pm when he turned around and spotted one of his classmates.

That classmate then took the victim’s cell phone and iPod, walked to a nearby vehicle—occupied by two other people—and fled the scene.

The victim told police he recognized the suspect, and gave officers his name—which isn’t listed in the report.

Officers ran the suspect’s name, and found that he has previously been arrested on drugs and weapons charges.

The report doesn’t say which school the victim and suspect go to, but the robbery took place a few blocks west of Roosevelt High School, and both the suspect and victim live in the neighborhood. We’ll update if we get any more info from police later today.