Three Men Show Up To Rainier Beach HS Looking For Shooting Witnesses, Assault Security

Three security staff members at Rainier Beach High School were assaulted last week by a group of men who showed on the school’s campus looking to confront a group of girls who may have witnessed a shooting.

Last Tuesday, March 8th, someone fired several shots near Rainier Beach High School, according to a Seattle school district spokeswoman. Police apparently contacted a possible suspect following the incident, but it’s unclear whether anyone was arrested.

Two days after the incident, police records say a group of three men showed up at Rainier Beach High School at about 10:15 am.

School security stopped two of the men in the school hallway and asked them to leave campus. The men ignored the security officers, pushed past them, and tried to confront a group of female students, according to a police report.

School security struggled with the men, who were joined by a third suspect. The report says two of the suspects are brothers, while the third suspect has previously been trespassed from Rainier Beach.

During the confrontation, one of the suspects threatened to return to the school and shoot security officers, telling them “I am going to come back and spray all you niggers.”

The three men then left the school, flashing gang signs at security staff as they drove away.

School security told police they believe the suspects came to Rainier Beach looking “looking to retaliate” against a group of female students who witnessed a shooting near the school several days earlier.