The Morning Blotter: Teen iJacked For the Second Time

You know what sucks more than having your iPhone jacked?

Having your iPhone stolen twice.

Some poor kid had his iPhone taken for the second time in a robbery last week in the Central District, according to a police report.

The boy—who is approximately 13 years old, according to the report—was waiting at a bus stop on 23rd and Yesler around 3:45 pm on March 14th, and was using his iPhone to look up the bus schedule when an older boy in his late teens approached him.

The suspect then told the boy “kid, give me your phone.”

The report says the victim—who was assaulted when he was robbed for his iPhone in a prior incident—quickly handed his phone over to the suspect, who then fled.

Police searched around 23rd and Yesler, but didn’t find the suspect.