City Seeks To Shut Down South Seattle Drug “Nuisance” House

At 71, Sharon L. Stone describes herself as a woman trying to make ends meet while nursing an injured ankle.

Seattle police offer a different picture, describing the elderly woman as a longtime drug dealer whose South Seattle home has again become a cocaine den.

Filing a lawsuit last Thursday, the City of Seattle has asked that her home be shuttered under the state’s drug nuisance law. In support of the request, city attorneys note Stone’s home — shared with a man described as her husband, John T. Bliss — has been the subject of at least 83 calls to 911 during the past 18 months.

The house at 8433 55th Ave. S., Assistant City Attorney Beth Gappert told the court, “is the very definition of a drug nuisance.”

“The owners have participated in much of the activity, facilitating drug sales and possessing large quantities of narcotics,” Gappert said in documents filed earlier this month with King County Superior Court.

“It is clear that this house is a nuisance, and its owners know it is,” she continued.

Speaking Wednesday from her home, Stone, who is currently facing state drug charges, denied any wrongdoing and blamed the recent activities on renters she’s since kicked out.