CIty Attorney’s Office Will Review DUI Cases, Continue Prosecutions

From the City Attorney’s Office:

In response to the Seattle Police Department’s internal review of its DUI squad, the Criminal Division of the City Attorney’s Office will conduct an individual analysis to determine whether any of the DUI cases – past and present – may be impacted by the investigation findings.


            Over the noon hour Monday, Criminal Division Chief Craig Sims briefed the assistant city attorneys who prosecute the misdemeanor DUIs in Seattle Municipal Court. Starting with the 1:30 p.m. Monday court docket, Sims directed his attorneys to ask that all cases involving the officers under review be continued for the time being. In addition, the attorneys were instructed not to agree to any pleas in cases that involve the three police officers implicated in the SPD review.

            Sims on Monday also provided notice of the issue to public defense attorneys, including The Defender Association, Northwest Defenders Association and Association of Counsel for the Accused.

            “Once we determine the full scope of the issue,” Sims said, referring to the police department’s in-house investigation, “we may look at past cases.