Teen Charged For South Seattle Gang Shooting

Prosecutors have charged 18-year-old Bronzell Jerome Bright with assault and unlawful possession of a firearm following an apparent gang-related shooting in South Seattle last week.

According to court records, witnesses at the scene of the March 16th shooting told police Bright and a woman in a LeBaron pulled up on 51st Ave and S Fletcher St in a Chrysler LeBaron around 4:15pm. Bright got out of the driver’s side, and yelled “D-Dub, Five-Trey”—a reference to the Down Wit the Crew gang—at an 18-year-old man on the street.

Bright then allegedly pulled out a black handgun, shoved it in the victim’s face, and threatened to shoot him.

Charging documents say Bright fired three times, got back in the LeBaron with the woman, and drove off.

Minutes later, officers spotted the LeBaron speeding south on Renton Ave S.

One officer followed it down side streets and through an alley, until Bright crashed his vehicle into a metal shed.

Bright took off running, carrying a handgun, and officers Chased after bright on foot.

Bright then tossed the gun, and surrendered to officers.

Police recovered a Makarov .380 semi-automatic pistol not far from where they arrested Bright.

When detectives later interviewed Bright, he said he had fled from officers because he does not have a driver’s license, and is on probation. He also told police he had purchased his handgun “on the street” for $200.

Bright also admitted he knew the victim of the shooting—whose street name is “Greedy,” according to court records—but denied shooting him.

Court records say Bright has previously been involved in a burglary, gun theft, and unlawful possession of a firearm case.