Letter Containing White Powder Sent to KC Sheriff's Office, Hazmat Crews On Scene

Seattle Fire Deparment Hazmat crews are on scene at the King County Sheriff’s offices on 3rd and James after they received a letter containing white powder this afternoon.

The Sheriff’s office on the ground floor of the King County Courthouse., and police have shut down 3rd Avenue between Jefferson and James as they investigate.

The letter was apparently not addressed to any specific employee of the Sheriff’s office.

We’ll update if we get any additional details.

UPDATE: From the KCSO:

The incident is  now over.  Nothing dangerous was found.

The whole thing started when a large envelope was delivered by USPS to the Sheriff’s Office.  Our front desk person opened the envelope and found misc. legal papers.  In addition she found a suspicious smaller envelope that she thought contained powder.

The immediate area was evacuated and Seattle Police and a Seattle Fire Hazmat Unit responded.  Nothing dangerous or hazardous was found.  We are now back to normal.