Woman Assaulted With Frisbee In North Seattle

A woman told police she was attacked with a Frisbee while out on an evening jog in the Haller Lake neighborhood earlier this week.

The woman said she’d been jogging near 1st Ave NE and NE 125th around 4:45pm on March 20th when she passed by three men throwing a Frisbee around in the street.

The woman stopped near the men and made eye contact with the man holding the Frisbee.

The man then threw the Frisbee directly at the victim, striking her in the thigh.

All three suspects then started laughing, the report says.

The woman went home and, the police report says, “was willing to let the issue go” until the three men drove past her house while she was standing in the front yard.

As the three men drove by, the man in the passenger seat leaned out his window and “acted as if he was going to throw a Frisbee” at the victim.

The woman then called police, who came and took the report.

Officers spoke with the woman’s neighbors, who also mentioned they’d seen a group of men throwing a Frisbee in the neighborhood that day. One of the woman’s neighbors told police someone had almost hit his car with a Frisbee earlier in the day.

The neighbors apparently directed police to a house in the neighborhood—possibly associated with the suspects—but when officers knocked on the door of the home, but no one answered.