Man Armed With Rifle Chases Burglar From Pot Grow House, Fires Shots In North Seattle

A man armed with a rifle chased a burglary suspect on foot and fired off several round in a North Seattle neighborhood earlier today, according to police sources.

Just before noon, it appears a group of burglars were caught inside a home at 130th and 3rd NW by a resident or neighbor, who chased one of the suspects down the street, and may have fired off several rounds during the pursuit.

Police took the male suspect into custody at the scene, and are searching for at least one other female suspect.

A police source tells us a second female suspect may have been involved in the break-in, and one of the women may have sustained a head or facial wound during the incident. It’s unclear how the woman was injured.

The source says the male suspect arrested near the scene was just released from jail this morning.

We’re working to get more details, and clarifying a few things, so we’ll update when we can.

UPDATE 8:00pm: Police say the house targeted in the burglary was a medical marijuana grow house. Police tell us they didn’t seize any of the pot found inside the home.

Update 9:00pm: Here’s the official statement from SPD. Looks like the gunman was booked too:

On March 25th at approximately 11:53 a.m. officers responded to 911 calls of a male subject armed with a rifle firing numerous rounds at another subject in the middle of the street in the 13500 block of 3rd Avenue NW.  Officers arriving on scene located and detained an adult male subject who was later determined to have been in possession of a rifle (the rifle was found nearby lying on the ground). 

A Ford Mustang was located abandoned in the middle of the street with multiple bullet holes in it.  The Mustang is believed to be one of two vehicles driven to the scene by the burglars.  The Mustang was subsequently impounded and taken to the evidence garage for processing by detectives. 

Preliminary investigation indicates that the adult male subject with the rifle had confronted two adult suspects, one male and one female, attempting to burglarize his home.  A third suspect, an adult female, was waiting in a white SUV parked near the residence in question.  After being confronted by the armed male, the two burglary suspects fled the scene. 

Responding officers captured and arrested the male burglary suspect after a foot pursuit through adjoining residential yards.  The female burglary suspect is believed to have gotten into the white SUV parked nearby.  The two female suspects fled the scene in the vehicle and remain at large. 

Officers recovered a 9-millimeter rifle, as well as a crowbar still embedded in the rear basement door of the residence.  Both items were booked into evidence. 

The male burglary suspect was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of a condition believed to be caused by ingestion of narcotics.  Upon release he will be booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary. 

The male subject believed to have discharged multiple rounds from the rifle was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault.

Information and evidence indicates that this was a medical marijuana dispensary.  Medical marijuana dispensaries are not legal in the State of Washington.

This remains an active and on-going investigation.