Man Violently Attacks Neighbors In Pinehurst Condo Complex Saturday Night

Seattle police officers Tasered and arrested a man at a Pinehurst condominium complex Saturday evening after the man went on a bloody rampage in the building and violently attacked several neighbors, only days after SPD’s Crisis Intervention Team was called to the complex after residents raised concerns about the man.

Around 5:00 p.m., officers were called to the building on 120th and 15th NE after the suspect left his condo, walked up to the fourth floor of the complex carrying a partially-assembled rifle, and began threatening to kill other residents.

When officers arrived, the man was covered in blood.

Police convinced the man to put down his rifle, but officers Tasered the man when he “advanced” on them, according to SPD.

Officers then found an elderly couple in their apartment on the fourth floor, who had sustained serious injuries after the suspect forced his way into their condo, adn bludgeoned them with the butt of his rifle.

Medics transported the couple and the suspect to Harborview.

Police tell us they were “familiar” with the suspect from previous incidents–a source tells us police have been working with residents in the building four the last four months to address problems–and were called to the condo complex as recently as last week.

Police tell us members of the department’s Crisis Intervention Team–which pairs police with mental health counselors–were dispatched to the building last Thursday after neighbors raised concerns about the man’s behavior.

Police did not immediately have details on Thursday’s incident.

The suspect is still at Harborview, and has not yet been booked into the King County Jail.

SPD did have details on the condition of the victims.

We’re working to get more details and we’ll update when we do.