West Seattle Senior Housing Complex Hit Hard By Burglar

Seattle police are investigating a 41-year-old as a suspect in more than 20 burglaries and several car prowls at a West Seattle senior housing complex over the last three months.

Police say the first burglary at the at Arrowhead Gardens complex was reported by the building manager in mid-January, after someone forced open a dozen storage lockers in one of the complex’s four buildings and stole luggage, Tupperware, an air compressor, and cash.

On March 7th, the burglar returned, and stole $5,000 in Christmas decorations, clothing, printers, and a coffee table from seven storage units, and $3500 worth of sound equipment from a media room in the complex.

A week later, on March 14th, a building manager found two TVs stashed at the bottom of a stairwell in one of the buildings. Police believe the burglar took the TVs from common rooms on two floors, and “staged” them in the stairwell so he could easily take them out of the building later on.

Police went through surveillance video of the building’s common rooms, parking garage, and electronic key records and identified a possible suspect, who rents out a storage locker in the building.

It appears the burglaries—and two car prowls—have all occurred since he began renting his locker in January.

It’s not clear exactly how many lockers were broken into at the housing complex. Police records reference the locker numbers for 14 units targeted by the burglar. Records also note that 12 other lockers were burglarized in January, but do not provide details on which units were targeted. Police also say some of the lockers were burglarized on more than one occasion.

Police have requested a search warrant for the man’s storage locker. It appears the man currently being held in the King County Jail on unrelated charges, including burglary. He has not yet been charged in this case.