Days Before Pinehurst Attack, Suspect Told Police He Was “Arming” Himself

Just two days before a Pinehurst man allegedly brutally attacked two neighbors with a BB rifle, police records say the man refused assistance from an SPD Crisis Intervention Team, and told police he was “arming” himself when officers visited the man’s condo last week.

According to a police report, neighbors in a condo complex on 120th and 15th NE told officers they had “growing concerns” about Abraham Boulder’s behavior during a meeting on March 24.

During the meeting with the Crisis Intervention Team, neighbors told police Boulder would “yell threatening comments, directed at no one in particular, which could be heard through out the building.”

Following the meeting, the CIT went to Boulder’s condo and knocked on the door.

“When I knocked, Boulder yelled, ‘I am arming myself with a gun,'” Officer Richard McAuliffe wrote in a report. “I immediately withdrew from the area…and took cover in the adjacent stairwell.”

Officer McAuliffe called for backup and called Boulder’s phone, but was not able to speak with him. McAullife left Boulder a message, offering mental health services.

Police apparently didn’t think they had probable cause to involuntarily commit Boulder to a mental health facility, and left the building.

Two days later, Boulder beat two elderly neighbors with a BB rifle, before police Tasered and arrested him.