Seattle’s Crime Hotspots

A study from the City Auditor’s office says 50% Seattle’s crime takes place on just a few streets.

My NW:

“This geographic area of concentration is often one address or half of a block or a corner,” councilmember Tim Burgess said. “The concentration is even greater than we thought and it does not move. So over the whole 14 year study period that ended in 2004, those block faces did not materially change in Seattle.”

Some highlights from the report:

 Approximately 50 percent of reported crime in Seattle occurs on just 4.5 percent of our block faces.

• These block faces remained relatively unchanged during the 14‐year study period; 

• There were even greater concentrations and consistency of reported juvenile crime; 

• Social disorder is Seattle is also concentrated in hot spots; and  

• Disorder and violence in Seattle are correlated at the same locations; places with zero physical 

and social disorder have zero violent crime, places with high disorder have approximately a 30 

percent chance of having high rates of violent crime. 

You can read the full—and very long—report here.