Police Arrest Suspects In Pot Grow Burglary, Citywide Car Prowl Ring

It always amazes me how much criminals get around.

Thursday afternoon, Seattle police arrested a man and a woman in the University District who are prime suspects in a number of recent crime sprees all over the city.

According to department sources, both the man and the woman are suspects in last week’s botched burglary at a North Seattle pot grow. Sources tells us the woman is also a member of a prolific car prowl ring, responsible for break-ins all over the city.

In last week’s botched burglary in the Broadview neighborhood, a homeowner spotted the burglars trying to break into his medical marijuana grow op, and chased the male suspect around the neighborhood, firing shots from an assault rifle, according to police.

Officers arrested the male suspect and another woman at the scene, but weren’t able to catch up with the third female suspect until they arrested her yesterday afternoon.

Police tell us that female suspect—who eluded officers at the scene of the pot grow burglary—is one of about a half-dozen car prowl suspects, who have broken into numerous cars in the University District, Discovery Park, and other Seattle neighborhoods over the last few months.

Police arrested the woman and the male suspect—who walked away from Harborview, where he was taken after the pot grow burglary—Thursday afternoon after off-duty officer spotted them driving in a car flagged in a police bulletin at 45th and Roosevelt. The off-duty officer called for backup, and police pulled the car over and arrested both suspects.

One source says the man and woman are also suspected in a number of property crimes committed in the East Precinct over the last week, although an SPD spokesman was unable to confirm this.

According to jail records, in the last nine months, the female suspect has been arrested for possession of burglary tools and someone else’s ID, false reporting, driving with a suspended license, theft, possession of stolen property, and fraud.

The man has previously been arrested on drug charges, eluding police, and driving with a suspended license.