Mall Rage Part Deux

An angry driver pulled a gun on a man and his son in the Northgate Mall parking lot late last month after they DARED to walk in front of his SUV.

Police arrived at the mall around 3pm on March 27th, and found the man was standing in front of the Bank of America on the north side of the mall.

The man told police the driver had honked at them as they crossed in front of his vehicle, and that he had shouted “slow down” at the driver.

The driver then opened up his car door, got out, and racked the slide of a black handgun.

The victim then toooootally heckled the driver, shouting “what, you’re gonna use a gun now?”

The driver got back in his gold Lexus SUV and drove off.

A few months ago, another dick SUV driver pulled a gun on a woman outside the mall after she stopped at the curbside pickup lane in front of the California Pizza Kitchen.