Citadel Owner Cancels Event, City Sets New Limits On Raves At Site

The owner of the Citadel property at Martin Luther King Jr Way S and S Othello contacted the city’s Department of Planning and Development this afternoon and informed them that he is canceling a rave–Kiss My Bass–scheduled for this weekend.

In turn, DPD told the property owner, Steve Rauf, that he’s limited to holding one rave at the site per quarter.

Earlier this week, Seattle Police Department Chief John Diaz sent a letter to Rauf, informing him that the department considered his site a “chronic public nuisance.”

This afternoon, we spoke with one person–who asked not to be identified–associated with the raves’ about neighbors’ problems complaints.

“It’s not the neighborhood and it’s not the kids,” he told us. “It’s the combination of the two.”

This is developing, and we’ll have more info as soon as it’s available.