Police Detail Problems At South Seattle Raves

We’ve gotten ahold of a copy of the letter Seattle Police sent to South Seattle club owner and developer Steve Rauf about ongoing problems with raves at The Citadel on Rainier and Othello.

Police say on February 26th, officers were called to the Citadel–which was hosting an event called Kandy Land 7–after two patrons attacked security guards.

In one incident, police say a raver in “a drug induced state” took a swing at a security guard, and missed. The man was eventually taken to Harborview and treated for a drug overdose.

Another partygoer also ended up at Harborview after he tried to put a security guard in a headlock. Police say the man was also treated for a drug overdose.

On March 11th, SPD says undercover officers bought between $10 and $20 worth of ecstasy from three different suspects during a rave, dubbed Kiss My Bass. Police say one of the alleged dealers was 16 years old.

March 18th, police say undercover officers made four more drug buys, purchasing ecstasy from four different suspects.

The next night, at Gettin’ Lucky 5, police made four more undercover drug buys, and witnessed 10-15 hand-to-hand drug deals in the parking lot of the Citadel. One suspect told police another dealer was on his way to the club with 500 ecstasy pills.

Police also bought $20 of ecstasy from a female suspect, and arrested another woman who introduced police to a dealer.

On March 26th, police say a raver was robbed in the 7100 block of 42nd Ave S by three suspects, who took $20 from the man.

That same night, police say someone was robbed at a bus shelter across from the Citadel. An event promoter followed the suspects to a Safeway across the street and called 911. When police arrested the suspects, one of them apparently said he “was going to beat the white man,” referring to the promoter.

Another man was robbed after he was kicked out of the rave, because he hadn’t paid the entry fee. The man went out to his car to get some cash, when he was confronted by a group of suspects, who tried to “sell stuff” to him. Police say the suspects punched the victim and hit him with a belt, before they stole $20 from him.

One of the victim’s friends saw the robbery, grabbed a baseball bat from his car, and confronted the robbers.

The victim later told police Citadel security staff saw the incident, but did not come to his aid. Police claim club security also did not call 911 to report the incident.

Finally, several suspected gang members punched a woman and stabbed a man outside the rave. According to police, the stabbing victim was arrested at the Citadel one week earlier on a drug charge.

Police also purchased eight ecstasy pills in four undercover drug buys that night.

As we reported yesterday, Citadel owner Rauf has cancelled this weekend’s rave, and the city has limited him to one rave per quarter.