The Morning Blotter: Man Beaten And Robbed After Going to The Jungle To Smoke Crack

One man ended up at Harborview with serious injuries last week after he was apparently assaulted after he left apartment and went to The Jungle on Beacon Hill to smoke crack.

When police met the man at the hospital on April 1st, he had “severe swelling and blackness on most of his head and face,” according to a police report, which also says the man’s left eye was swollen shut.

The man—who was found by a neighbor in his apartment building—told police he didn’t remember much about what had happened to him, but said he’d left his home around 4:00 p.m. earlier that day.

The man said he’d been drinking in his apartment, and decided to go to the Jungle—a heavily wooded area on the northwest side of Beacon Hill, dotted with homeless encampments, and frequented by drug dealers—to “smoke some rock,” the report says.

Despite his obvious injuries, the man told police he didn’t remember being attacked, and “only remembers crawling around in the mud for some reason.”

The report indicates the man was covered in mud when he was brought into the hospital.

The man also told police his wallet and keys were missing.

And that’s why you shouldn’t go to The Jungle to smoke crack.