Charges Dropped Against Men Accused Of Attacking Off-Duty Cop


Charges have been dropped against three men who were arrested in December and charged with assaulting an off-duty Seattle police officer outside a bar in Ballard after the officer declined to testify in the case, according to court documents.

A lawyer for one of the men said he thought the officer refused to testify because he is being investigated for his use of force against the man.

The incident happened December 12 outside the Bal/Mar restaurant and nightclub. Seattle police Officer Garth Haynes, who was off duty and out with a friend at the time, confronted a woman who he believed stole his jacket. Haynes allegedly identified himself as a police officer, but the men who were arrested said he didn’t do that. A fight ensued between Haynes and the three men, and Haynes suffered a concussion.

A police car dashboard camera showed Haynes pushing his foot into the head of one of the men, Jake Clary, who was handcuffed on the ground at the time. The shove appears to make Clary’s head bounce off the sidewalk.