Magnolia Woman Charged In Rental Scam

A Magnolia woman accused of taking deposits from a dozen would-be renters in a rental scam has been charged with felony theft.

In charging documents, King County prosecutors claim Diana J. Delaney, 63,  repeatedly advertised her home for rent, took deposits and backed out of the deals.

All told, Delaney had collected $35,874 from people looking to rent the home, Seattle Police Detective Stacy Litsjo said in court documents. All but one of the renters has since been repaid.

Litsjo noted, though, that it did not appear Delaney was done trying to rent the home, and was offering other services as well.

“There is still an active ad for the house rental on and she had also placed several ads for other services such as childcare, counseling, antiques dealer, ghost writer, and an ad for a furnished corporate house with a live-in errand concierge service included in the rental,” the detective said.