Police Investigating Nighttime Robberies In Magnolia

Police are looking or a group of young men suspected of attacking and robbing two people in a Magnolia park Saturday night.

Just before 9:30 p.m. on April 9th, two victims were “looking at the city view” from Ella Bailey Park—at 27th Av W and W Smith St—when a dark-colored SUV or van pulled up near the park, and a large group of 6-10 men dressed in dark-colored hoodies approached the victims.

One of the suspects shouted “what you got?” and demanded one victim’s cellphone.

The suspect then punched one of the victims in his face and head.

That man quickly handed the suspects his cellphone and wallet. The other victim, however, apparently didn’t hand over his wallet and phone quickly enough for the suspects, who knocked him to the ground and attacked him.

The group kicked the man in the head, face, and neck, and the fled the scene.

One of the victims then drove to his parents’ house and called 911.

According to the police report, about 15 minutes after the robbery, another man found a black canvas bag and several ID cards sitting on the stairs next to his apartment—possibly located at 26th Ave W and W McGraw, although it’s unclear from the report.

As the man was looking at the bag and IDs, a white male in his late 30s, dressed in a hoodie, asked the man “you find any IDs?”

When the man said he had, the suspect told him “It’s mine.”

The man asked the suspect for the name on the ID, but the suspect wasn’t able to give the man the correct name, and walked off.

It appears the IDs may belong to the men robbed in Ella Bailey Park that same night.

The man who found the IDs apparently returned them to the victims.

Police were unable to locate any of the suspects in either incident, but SPD burglary/juvenile crime detectives are now following up on the case.