The Morning Blotter: Man Stabbed In Ear During Crown Hill Bar Fight

Today in criminal masterminds and gross injuries:

Police were called to a Crown Hill bar on 85th and 15th NW around 1:45 am Sunday morning, where they found a man lying on the floor, bleeding from his ear.

Bar staff told police the suspect—who had apparently fled the scene—had stabbed the victim in the left ear with a pen, following an argument.

Staff said the suspect had become “unruly” and had been arguing with bar employees, and was almost kicked out, but he apparently left on his own.

The man apparently came back to the bar, and got into an argument with the victim, and proceeded to stab him in the ear.

A report says that while blood was coming out of the victim’s ear, medics told police it didn’t appear his ear canal was punctured in the assault. Still, ick.

The bartender also provided police with the suspect’s name, which was on his bar receipt.