Cops Seize Stolen Bikes At Aurora Motel

Police seized a stash of stolen bicycles and bike parts from a room at an Aurora Ave motel earlier this month after officers stopped by the motel for an unrelated case, and discovered a prolific bike thief was storing a number of bicycles on the property.

On April 6th, officers went to a motel on 82nd and Aurora Ave N to pick up a stash of stolen money orders, found hidden in the light panels of the motel’s elevator. A police report says the money orders were taken in a recent burglary.

While police were in the motel’s office, officers noticed a prolific bicycle thief’s ID sitting on the front counter.

The motel’s manager told police the man regularly visited tenants in a second-floor unit in the building, and “had tried to bring a group of bicycles up to” the room, but the manager apparently told the man he needed to leave his bikes on a bike rack outside the building.

The manager then directed police to a collection of bikes left outside the motel, and officers ran the serial numbers on several bicycles and discovered they were reported stolen earlier this year.

While police were at the motel, another resident approached officers and told them he’d seen the prolific bike thief using a pickup truck parked outside of the building. A police report says officers ran the truck’s plate, and discovered it may have been used by suspects in another stolen property case.

Police went up to the second-floor room looking for the prolific bike thief, and found bicycle frames, parts, and tools inside.

Police believe the people in the room “were in the illegal business of stealing bicycles, parting them out, and selling stolen parts and bicycles on Craigslist,” a report says.

Officers seized the bike parts and tools in the room. It’s not clear from the report how many bikes were recovered.

Department sources tell us two people associated with the room are on D.O.C. supervision, and are “prolific thieves.” It’s not clear whether police have arrested anyone—either for the bike thefts or a parole violation—but prosecutors haven’t yet filed charges in the case.