Serial Burglar Targeting North Seattle Homes, But Police Know Who He Is

Seattle police tell us a “serial burglar” has targeted as many as a dozen homes in North Seattle over the last few weeks. The good news: police believe they know who the burglar is, and he isn’t exactly a criminal mastermind.

Yesterday, around 11:30am, a woman walked into her home near 100th and Greenwood and found a man inside. The woman screamed, and the man fled.

Officers believe the woman interuppted a burglary, and tell us the same burglar may have hit two other houses in the area yesterday. But he wasn’t very sneaky about it.

One homeowner found the suspect in his home, and took a picture of the man, which he later provided to police.

Detectives apparently recognized the man, and are now searching for him. A department source tells us the burglar may be connected to as many as a dozen other break-ins, and already has a warrant out for another burglary case.

In these latest burglaries, several neighbors apparently told police they could smell the suspect, who was wearing a large amount of cologne. So we’re gonna go ahead and dub him The Scentual Bandit.

Oh, and remember when we said this guy’s not exactly a criminal mastermind? Well, in January, prosecutors charged this same suspect with burglary and possession of stolen property after a homeowner caught the man breaking into his University District home.

When the homeowner found the man in his home, he grabbed a knife from his kitchen and chased the suspect for several blocks, where he pinned him to the ground and held him until police arrived. Police then searched the burglar’s motel room on 120th and Aurora, and discovered he had been selling stolen jewelry to gold buyers in the Northgate Mall.

We’ll let you know when police catch him.