Officers Bust Bike Thief On Broadway

Two patrol officers caught an (alleged) bike thief near Broadway last Friday after they spotted the man trying to disassemble a locked-up bicycle in the middle of the night.

Officers were driving by Broadway and E Denny around 2:40 am on April 22nd, when they saw a man taking apart a bicycle chained to a bike rack in front of a post office.

“He was manipulating the tool around the neck of the bicycle frame, as if he were trying to remove the handlebars from the frame,” Officer Daniel Auderer wrote in his report.

Officers watched the man wrestle with the bike for another minute, then pulled up behind the man and approached him.

According to Officer Auderer , “the suspect was so engrossed in his attempt to steal the bicycle that he did not notice there was a patrol car sitting that closely to him.”

Officers shouted at the man, who took off running on E Denny Way.

Officer Auderer and his partner, Officer Blasé, chased the man down Denny, until they were able to grab hold of him.

Police say the suspect kicked Officer Blase, before they were able to get him in handcuffs.

Officers found a screwdriver and wire cutters on the suspect, along with a piece of the bicycle he was apparently trying to steal.

Officers returned to the bike and found it was almost “completely disassembled.” However, the bike’s owner had locked it up in a way which made it difficult to steal, the report says.

Police taped a note and the bicycle piece they’d retrieved from the suspect to the now-disassembled Giant Prodigy DX—worth about $1500, the report says—explaining what had happened to the bike, and instructing the owner to contact the East Precinct about the attempted heist.