“I have not seen a case this poorly prepared or investigated in my 22 years on the bench.”

That quote in the headline comes courtesy of King County Superior Court Judge Joan DeBuque who, last week, dismissed charges against a man accused of assaulting SPD Officer Shandy Cobane one week after he infamously threatened to beat the “Mexican piss” out of a Latino man in South Lake Union.


Seattle police officer Shandy Cobane is caught up in another controversy — this one dealing with the alleged manipulation of patrol car camera video and audio.

Just a week after Cobane was videotaped kicking a Latino suspect in the head in a high-profile incident in April of last year, he was also accused of using excessive force on a young man in Belltown.

…Shandy Cobane claims he was the victim of an on-the-job assault. The victim claims just the opposite. He accused Cobane of choking him “just for fun.” To settle the matter, a King County judge said “let’s view the patrol car videotape to see who’s right.” The problem is, the relevant portion of the video and audio is nowhere to be found.

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